Monday, February 25, 2013

Inspired By Spring

I don't know about you, but around here, the weather has been nuts! We were in sunny Florida, for about 2 weeks. And it wasn't very warm. It didn't feel like Florida at all! Then we come home to the South, and it's freezing!

It makes me want Spring and Summer, more than ever! My Bestie and I, we took to Pinterest over the weekend, for a little inspiration. And I have to say this, I was so inspired by the warm weather outfits! Like this one...

This outfit reminds me a lot of Easter. Can you believe, I'm already talking about Easter? I know! This year is flying by! I'm not complaining though. Spring is my favorite season. I adore everything about it! Spring cleaning, the plants blooming, birds chirping, the clothes, fresh food, holidays, and beautiful colors. Oh ya, my birthday is also in Spring! :)

I've actually been looking for something similar to this outfit. I've got a similar cardigan and jewelry. But I'm searching for a dress like this. Oh, and that bag! I'm a sucker for ruffles, bows, and pretty jewelry. Spring can't come fast enough for this gal!   

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