Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fairy Princess Crown

I've been searching for some fun little projects. Something that I can sit and make, you know, in a few short minutes. Because let's be real, I like a fast project. I like to sit down, and have something to show for my 10-15 minutes of work.

Not to mention, I've got a ton of beautiful Goddaughters. A ton! That LOVE dressing up. And when I make them a little present. So I'm searching for the perfect little "just 'cause" present. :) That's when I found Walker Whimsy. Such a cute blog! And this Fairy Princess Crown.


It looks like a fairly simple project. Something that you can adjust for kids of all ages. Can you just imagine, sisters wearing these? Like these little ones. Or these ones. Babies and little girls. 

Now I'm off to search through my yarn stash. This would be one of those perfect patterns, to use up your "scrap yarn." And now that we're on the road again, I'm sure I can make a few of these. Well, a bunch of them! Are you with me?