Friday, October 14, 2011

Softee Baby Crochet Booties

Recently, I found out that my cousin, is expecting a baby girl. Early this Spring. I guess it's a good thing, that my family doesn't know about this blog. I don't think they've told anyone! I had to keep it quiet, when she told me she was expecting. It took her weeks to tell our family!

But we're all so excited! Her mom and I, are super close. And first cousins. I've literally, watched my cousin grow up. I can still see her as a 2 year old. Playing on the swings. Now she's in her twenties! Have I mentioned, she's one of my favorite cousins! So I've been trying to find some cute crochet patterns. So I want to make her a bunch of stuff!

That's when I found this pattern. Aren't these booties adorable? I want to make them in a few colors. I also need to find a cute bonnet pattern. This is just the beginning. I can't wait to see, what I come up with. I'm so excited to meet this little girl!

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