Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Bestie

Well, my best friend is officially moved into her new home. She is longer down the road…but a good 2 hours away. I already miss her. And we just helped her moved today. My Guy and I are exhausted! Another friend of ours, helped too! But I’m sitting here feeling very empty.

My bestie really needs this. She needs a new beginning. Life has just not been kind to her lately. I’m hoping for her and her baby, that this is just what they need to heal. I’m glad that My Guy and I are able to be there for her. It’s going to be tough. I’m used to her being nearby. She worked for My Guy and traveled with us every single week. Now, she is 2 hours away. At best. Let’s not talk about the traffic between here and there.

I feel like an anxious Auntie now that she’s expecting. And I feel like an older sister looking out for her. Isn’t that crazy? But she is my bestie. Bestie for life. One of the few friends that has always been here for me. The way that I’m there for her. It’s just going to be weird. Seeing her without her hubby and with a baby. Never mind that I already miss her and we’ve only been home for a few minutes.

I cried for about an hour on the way home. We have that kind of a friendship. We’re close. We once lost touch, but over the last few years, we’ve grown so close to each other. Probably because of the situation we were in. Dating “public personas” but managing to keep it on the DL. Traveling all over just to stay close to the men we love. We found ourselves decorating new homes at the same time. Falling in love with 2 best friends. Planning out what our lives could be like. She kept trying to tell My Guy and me that we needed to get married. We needed to be more like her and her hubby.

She kept telling us, that they’d work out. And we all needed to have kids at the same time. We had so many dreams. And we spent so much time together. Doing little things like having dinner together, to the big things like their wedding. We had built such fun and interesting lives together. And every single time that I’ve needed her, she has been here for me. Holding my hand through endless doctors’ appointments. Making me laugh when I felt like death. Cheering my on when I needed to fight for my life.

Then, it started to fall apart. It started with their separation. And slowly, she moved further and further away. Things changed. He changed. She changed. All of our lives changed. And now, they’re expecting a baby. But they’re no longer together. She’s crushed. He walks around in a daze. And My Guy and I are stuck in the middle.
Our 2 best friends, they’re completely lost. But my bestie, she’s trying to move forward with her life. She wants better. She wants for her child to feel love. To have the childhood she never did. And now, my once self proclaimed “airhead” best friend has bought a house 2 hours away.

It doesn’t seem like much. But when she works Monday-Friday and we travel Thursday-Sunday…well it doesn’t leave a lot of time to spend together. 2 hours is HUGE! And I know she’s hurting. But the hope that I seen in her eyes today, it was so amazing. It was inspiring. She laughed at the fact that her nursery furniture was delivered today. My Guy and I had her house painted for her. And a good friend of ours helped us. We got her all moved in today.

Although my heart is hurting, and I’m missing her, my bestie is better off with this move. I just wish, hope, and pray that we get to spend time together. I want to see her as she grows this beautiful baby. I can’t wait to help her take care of the gorgeous little guy or gal! And more than anything, I want my bestie to be a part of my life!

So tonight, I’m going to say a few extra prayers for her. That she loves her new house. That it brings her comfort, safety, and security. I pray for the health and happiness of her and this precious baby. And most importantly, that she is able to move past this dark chapter in her life. This move is not just a new home, but a new beginning for a wonderful woman that just needs a little love. ♥

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